Cleopatra's own beauty was not in itself so remarkable; it was the impact of her spirit that was irresistible. The attraction of her person, joined with the charm of her conversation and characteristic intelligence of all that she said and did, was bewitching. It was a delight merely to hear the sound of her voice. As if this were an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another.

(Plutarch, Antony 27.2)

Who was this woman, Cleopatra, who has captivated our imagination and interest across the ages? Cleopatra VII of the house of Ptolemy has appeared through the ages to contain all the elements of a woman of dreams. She captivated not one, but two Caesars and made another, one who many claim was the greatest of the three, tremble.

Profile of Cleopatra from the Temple of Hathor, Goddess of Love, at Dendarah.